Welcome to Long and Triple!  Since 2017 this site has been free to those that are interested in the long and triple jumps events in track and field; and have gained quite a following in that time.  To date, the site has assisted countless national and international athletes with their development that has lead to great success in that time.  Our goal is to continue to develop worthwhile information for any interested coaches, athletes, parents, etc. to grow the sport of track and field as much as possible.  It isn't by any means a "mainstream" sport here in the United States and our goal is to change that.  If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the site please don't hesitate to reach out!

Upcoming Book

As the site began to grow in popularity so did my thirst to help as many people as possible.  Thus, I began writing a book focused the two jumps and all that goes into coaching them to the highest of levels.  As of now, I plan to release the book by the end of 2020 (despite COVID-19).  The book will cover (but isn't limited to):

Progressive Drill Breakdowns

Strength & Conditioning

Coaching Middle School Athletes

Countless Video Tutorials

Coaching Checklists

Coaching High School Athletes

Special Considerations

Coaching Youth Athletes

Coaching Collegiately & Beyond

Our Latest Resource

When COVID-19 began and the season was cancelled I wanted to get involved in as many coaching conversations as possible to keep the momentum going.  The idea of hosting zooms focused on the two jumps began but unfortunately didn't last as long as I had hoped.  Below, you'll be able to view/listen to those sessions.  If you are interested in starting up a new collaboration group please let me know!

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