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Long Jump


Welcome to Long and Triple!  Since 2017 I've offered free assistance to those that are interested in the long and triple jump events in track and field.  To date, the site has assisted countless national and international athletes with their development which has led to great success in that time.  My goal is to continue to develop worthwhile information for any interested coaches, athletes, parents, etc. to grow the sport of track and field as much as possible.  It isn't by any means a "mainstream" sport here in the United States, but my goal is to change that!  If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the site please don't hesitate to reach out!



Since the inception of this website, my goals as a coach have greatly expanded.  When I first began, I wanted to simply do the best I could to positively impact my personal team of athletes.  Now, after 13 years, I want to positively impact the sport locally, statewide, nationally, and eventually globally!  The way I see this becoming a reality is to share all that I know through a book dedicated to the two jumps.  The book itself has gone through a number of edits, the pandemic, and numerous updates as my knowledge expanded.  My hope is to have it ready for the coaching community no later than the conclusion of 2022.

Digital Gadgets


Although this site doesn't include all of the resources I plan to provide in my upcoming book, you will find an absolute plethora of insightful information that has successfully transformed programs far and wide!  Some of the resources most utilized are:

An Example of a Practice Inventory

Indoor Practice Ideas

A Strength & Conditioning Program!

Countless Videos for Additional Support

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