Beyond this site and my published book I want to work with coaches and athletes in person.  I ultimately feel this is the best way to educated those interested in the jumps.  Below you will find my clinic fees and materials I created for past coaching clinics.


For athlete-focused clinics I have two options.  The first option focuses on an individual session.  Working in a one-on-one setting I charge a flat fee of $30 an hour.  For a group setting I  charge a flat fee of $25 per athlete.  The group clinics will include time for long jump work and triple jump work (1.5 hours in length), as well as personalized feedback and plenty of time for questions.


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I put a lot of information in the long and triple blog!  I blog about my coaching beliefs, practice plans, meet results, and much more! 

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Coach-focused clinics are a case-by-case scenario.  Ultimately I really like to collaborate when it comes to the jumps so I will work with you on a price that works for all involved.  Below you will find some examples of work I've done in the past for the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association.

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2017, 2018, & 2019 WISTCA Clinic Presentations

In 2017 and 2018 I was asked to speak at the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association clinic; and I presented on high school long and triple jump.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and something I hope to do again in the future.  I have included those presentations below - check them out!

2017: How to Train the High School Long and/or Triple jumper

2018: Training The High School
Triple Jumper

2019: Long Jump Simplicity

If you are looking to put on a coaches clinic, or hoping to get a small group of coaches together to collaborate and present knowledge I would love to be part of it!  You can contact me by by clicking here