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There are coaches out there charging a ridiculous amount to "virtually" help athletes that are plagued by not having a coach to help them (in person).  Instead of paying them, why not give me a shot first?  I'm an extremely experienced and thorough coach that has breaking down videos for my own athletes with great results.  I'm offering my time an energy to simply make you better - no strings attached!  Contact me today!

In creating this site I put a great deal of information in various different places.  As well, I have some features I'd like to draw your attention to.  I recommend watching the tour video to experience the full potential of


As a long and triple jump coach since 2008, I've been working hard to bring the information I've learned to the public.  My hope is to assist any athletes or coaches that are in need of resources to maximize potential.  If you are looking for information regarding the jumps themselves, practice planning, training, and/or drill suggestions you've come to the right place!  If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me by using the contact form located on the "about me" page.

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Below I have added links to the areas that will be most frequently updated here on Long and Triple.  Check back often for great articles and videos to aid in training, meet preparation, etc.


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Testimonial from a jumper in the UK

"Wow! This is brilliant how much you've given back to me. Thank you so much for your help. It means a lot that there are coaches online like you that are actually willing to help. I only see my coach twice a week so its good to have regular feedback like this!  I'm very grateful!  I will definitely keep in touch and recommend you to the rest of my group and mates I compete against because this is amazing."

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