Long Jump Visuals


Over the course of my coaching career I have found numerous videos I feel are great at showing how to properly perform the long jump.  Above, you will see my absolute favorite video for long jump instruction.  As well, by clicking on the black button you will be redirected to my long jump visual YouTube playlist.  While there, don't forget to subscribe as I will be adding numerous different resources in the near future!

Visual Work Is Extremely Important!

Visual work is extremely important if you plan on being a jumper!  For one reason, visual work saves your legs.  For another, the better you understand the jumps the better you will perform them.  One minute of visual work is equal to seven minutes of physically doing it.

I highly recommend watching either videos like the ones above, or your own personal jumps videos on a weekly basis.  The best way to do this is by pressing the settings "gear" on the bottom of any YouTube video you watch and changing the speed to ".25" to slow things down for an even better look.