Multi Jumps 

Using a Multi-Jumps program is extremely important if you desire to be a jumper.  By using a multi-jumps program you are conditioning your legs for the "pounding" they will take during the season.  I as that my athletes do assigned multi-jump drill/routines at least one month before the start of our season.  Below you will find the two resources I used to create our program.

"Edward Broadbent"

Is a YouTube channel that I found that has wonderful content for not only multi-jumps, but also core and speed related work.  The visuals are great for athletes!  I simply forward on the channel address and suggest a certain routine.  I ask that they generally do the routines in a 10m area and go through each routine 1-3 times depending on how much conditioning of the legs they've already done.  Click HERE to be taken to the "Edward Broadbent" channel.

SAC Inventory

This is a resource that was created by Boo Schexnayder who was formerly the head jumps coach at Louisiana State University (LSU).  Boo is one of the best coaches in the country, and has done some wonderful things with both long and triple jump!  I have read numerous papers and watched many videos of his and learn something new nearly every time!  His "SAC inventory" is one of the best overall resources I have EVER FOUND.  It not only covers multi-jumps but also covers weight training, warm-ups, dynamic flexibility, hurdle mobility, etc.  I've attached it below:

Since first creating this site I have made numerous versions of my multi jumps program.  The process of making my routine(s) has taken me quite a bit of time, but has grown into something I am very proud of.  It took time researching athletic performance program development, collegiate programs/suggestions, and learning more about the human body to get where I am today.  You can see an old multi jumps routine on my "Practice Inventory" page (under "Resources") if interested.

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