Offseason Training


Creating a general conditioning routine for the masses is an exceptionally difficult thing to do.  Every athlete is different and thus has different strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc.  My attempt to create a routine for jumpers that could be utilized during the offseason was something I needed "outside help" with.  I have a great deal of knowledge, but strength and conditioning is something I wanted actual professionals to help me define.  I reached out to a program in Sun Prairie, WI called "ESP".  They specialize in athletic preparation, development, and injury prevention.  They have an amazingly qualified staff that has accomplished some wonderful things over the years.  Below you will find a plan they created that is geared towards the offseason.  The plan itself is not a "cookie cutter" answer due to individual needs, but can be used as a baseline to help properly prepare for an upcoming season.  To better understand how to utilize the routine and get the most out of your preparation please read  all content below and reach out to the ESP team with questions.

First off...what is ESP?

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) is revolutionizing the way athletes strive towards their athletic potential. At ESP, our mission is to create a well-conditioned, well-rounded athlete, with injury prevention at the core of our values. We believe that a performance program is only one of the steps into becoming 'elite.' Rather than implementing a "cookie cutter" workout for a group of athletes, ESP focuses on developing each athlete individually. With more athletes focusing on specialization of a particular sport at an earlier age, it is crucial that overworked muscles are tended to. Conversely, muscle groups that do not play a prominent role in an athlete's sport need to be given attention to develop. With that in mind, each ESP athlete's fundamental movements are assessed thoroughly before they begin their training program. Following the assessment, athletes are given a personalized plan of attack to most efficiently improve their athletic performance. Our belief is that marginal gains each day are what separate the elite from the ordinary. Trust the program and begin the path to maximizing your ability today.

Meet Kevyn & Brandon!

ESP Director - Kevyn


Director of Performance - Brandon


ESP employs more than Kevyn and Brandon, but when it came to creating an offseason plan these two were at the forefront of that effort.

What is the assessment mentioned?

ESP is currently working on creating an assessment process that can be utilized from anywhere.  Once an assessment is completed by an athlete ESP will analyze it to determine individual needs..  Once completed the athletes will be given more information on how to make the workout routine (found below) even more effective/beneficial with additional lifts/movements to assist with any needs observed.

As a Coach I Believe...

Too often athletes think they can "get by" on athleticism and God-given talent alone.  As a coach, I can tell you this approach will get you nowhere.  I've had some of the best athletes in the history of our program come and go without making much of an impact because of their improper dedication to offseason training/preparation.  The athletes that have made the largest impact on our teams have been those that worked hard and saw dramatic results because of it.

If you are truly looking to go "all in" on your training here is how I would suggest that you contact ESP right away to have an assessment done.  From there, simply follow the steps/directions given to be your personal best.

"THE" Plan

As stated above this is a "general" plan for jumpers but can be made more effective for individuals by reaching out to ESP.  The lifts, the progressions, the general set up, and planning were done with the long and triple jumps in mind.  Don't simply look over the plan and rush in head first.  Study it, get assessed by ESP, plan out your weeks ahead of time to ensure you don't miss a workout, etc.  You are literally being handed a program for free that may cost hundreds elsewhere.  Thanks to ESP you have some great tools to show your potential next season - take it all very seriously or you'll regret it.