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Meet # 2 - Ripon Showcase @ Ripon University

Today was another amazing meet! The kids did SO WELL, and I couldn't be prouder! In the girls long jump Ashley O'Connell (picture to the left) jumped a 17'8" (taking first place) and missed our school record by only 1/4 inch. It would have been crazy to go 2/2 on meets and school records, but I'll take it (LOL). She put in an amazing offseason and the results are already showing. I am hoping that the other jumpers on the team will take notice and stop coming into the season thinking God-given talent will be enough because unfortunately it won't like Ashley's are what makes champions! I look for her to eclipse the 18' mark this season and couldn't be more excited about her jumps today!

Another great performance came from a jumper who is new to Sun Prairie named Tyler Precia. He has jumped triple before, but never to the lengths we went today! He PR'd by a HUGE 2 feet today by jumping 43'6" and taking 3rd in the competition. On top of that, he is also now sitting 3rd ALL-TIME in school history!!! We had heard of him before he transferred to Sun Prairie, but had no idea how big of an impact he was going to make! I am honestly honored to work with him, and look to accomplish some great things with him this season!

I'm nowhere near done in regards to today's accomplishments!!!

Kadon Kauppinen had another SOLID day with a final mark of 22'7.25". This is the second week in a row that he jumped farther than our previous school record and is doing some amazing things at the long jump pit. What's crazy is the fact that he hasn't even touched the triple jump lane just yet. We are working on a few things to help his first and second phases and look to replicate our success at the long jump pit at triple! Kadon is putting together one of the most dominant jumps seasons in school history and it's only March...CRAZY!

Next up is Dom Landphier. Today was his first time ever jumping the long jump, and had a really successful day! He jumped a 20'6" jump to make finals and ended up taking 6th place with that preliminary round jump. I was hoping that he would jump an 18' today...he FAR exceeded my expectations and put himself in a great spot to be a varsity jumper moving forward.

Last up, but definitely not least, is Jada Schuh. She normally jumps

triple, but we wanted to see what she could do in the long jump today. She currently sits tenth all-time in long jump, and has the potential to jump high 16's (and more). Today she jumped 15'10.5" and placed 6th in the competition. She was upset that she didn't jump better, but I was extremely happy with her numbers considering she hasn't competed in long jump for nearly 10 months. She is such a talented jumper, that I have no fear she could do GREAT things in the long jump this year!!!

We have another meet coming up on Thursday, but I will be out of town. I'm really hoping that the jumpers can put together another strong showing leading into our first outdoor meet on Tuesday, April, 3rd.

Have a great week everyone!

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