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Day 28 - Long and Triple Season Plans

Today was another great day at practice! We started with another RPR session, and handed out instructional cards we printed on card-stock for our athletes. Again, the athletes were very positive in their responses to the program. There are still a few that are unsure of RPR's benefits, but that is completely understandable considering I too was very unsure of the legitimacy of RPR when I first saw it! It took being "reset" by a certified RPR coach before I was able to fully believe in the program. Unfortunately, I will not be resetting any athletes due to my commitment to coaching etiquette, so they must learn to push through pain while resetting themselves. Many won't do this though...

After RPR I headed to my first-ever letter signing photo shoot for an athletes of mine who is competing at UW Milwaukee next year. Jada Schuh was offered a few weeks ago, and I couldn't be more proud!! The Panthers are getting one heck of an athlete and I cannot wait to hear how things go in her collegiate career!

When the photo session was done I headed right to the pits to work on the landing progression (seen above). This drill, coupled with the chair drill, is the perfect progression to help athletes understand the movements needed for the proper landing. Add in the "walking takeoffs" and the athletes were taught how to go from the proper flat-flat takeoff to the proper butt-to-heel landing. It may take some time to get this down in an actual meet, but the kids are doing really well with the drills!


We have a meet!!!!!!