Jumpers Party 2018

Yesterday we had the annual jumpers party and it was a blast!

Since 2013 I've been reserving a gymnastics facility (Madison Turners) to work on drills and have fun with my jumpers. Facilities like this are amazing for jump training due to the bouncy forgiving floors and equipment. Here's a list of some of the things the jumpers work on while there:

On the bouncy floor: triple jump phases, continuous flat- flat work, general jumping movement. 

Into a high jump quality mat: flight and landing mechanics. 

Balance beam: balance related games (think American Gladiators - if you're not old enough to know that reference look it up).

Trampoline runway and foam pit: triple jump phases, flight, and landing. 

Every year the jumpers comment how much fun they have there and wish they could stay longer. I truly recommend looking into cultivating a relationship with a local gym for another training option. 

After the gym the jumpers always come bac kto my home for food, games, and great conversation. 

This event always brings our team closer together and is one of the experiences they continue to talk about on a regular basis as the season progresses. 

I had to cut it a little short this year due to how exhausted I was from the meet Friday night but the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves - they begged to stay later : )

Already looking forward to 2019!

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