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Meet #6 - SP Invite

To prepare for this meet the coaching staff and I went through an immense amount of preparation and work. For the 5 hours prior to the start of the meet I spent nearly every minute prepping the pit by shoveling snow, digging a trench for water drainage, and drying up puddles to the best of my ability. When I first arrived at 11:30 I honestly didn't think the jumps were going to be a possibility with how bad the pit looked. With the help of a few parents of the program I was able to get the pit not only ready, but dry and well-prepared for the meet. Without a great parent group programs like ours wouldn't be possible!

In the long jump Ashley O'Connell took 3rd place and Kadon Kauppinen took 2nd (without jumping in finals).

In the triple jump Kasy Walker-Daniels took 3rd place, Jada Schuh took 6th (without jumping in finals), and Tyler Precia took 5th. A freshman named Ashley Rae didn't place or make finals, but she jumped a 31'6" in her third-ever meet and is starting to really put things together. I see her going 33' in the next few meets and am EXTREMELY excited for her!

All-in-all the meet and the jumps area ran very smoothly (considering the weather conditions that occurred just 48 hours earlier)! The ability to get a meet in at all was somewhat of a small miracle, and I am so very proud of the work everyone did to make it happen.

Overall our girls team won by nearly 60 points over some wonderful competition, and our boys team took third overall behind two GREAT Wisconsin programs. We were extremely happy with the performances we saw across the board!

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