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Meet # 7 - James Madison Memorial

Our 7th meet was a GREAT one! We rested a great deal of our athletes due to large workloads from Friday night; but that left a lot of opportunities for those that were scheduled to compete. Those athletes took FULL advantage of their opportunities and had a very successful night.

In boys long jump we had 10 new PRs set! Two of the highlights included a junior named Cooper jumping for the very first time, and going 20'3"! Once Cooper learns how to properly land he could be well over 21 feet! The other highlight came by a jumper named Blake who is a freshman. He added TWO FEET to his previous PR. I was extremely proud of his effort and growth in the past week. I'm excited to see him jump again later this week!

In boys triple jump we only jumped 3, but 2 of them set new PRs! One of them was Nick (a junior) and he jumped 39'5". That is 2 feet longer than any other jump this year, and is a new PR by a foot. The other jumper, Evan (sophomore), jumped a 39'2. He beat his previous PR by over a foot and a half. The crazy thing about Evan is that he hasn't figured out his landing yet, and he has nearly no experience in the triple jump. The first one he attempted last year resulted in an injury, so everything he is doing this season thus far shows GREAT resolve and determination!

In the girls long jump we also had 10 PRs! Two of the highlights go to a freshman named Landry and a sophomore named Kia. Landry set a new PR by jumping 14'4 (which is a foot longer than last week). She has great potential and I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes this year! She will be tripling this coming Thursday and I think that might be her "bread and butter". She has a bright future. Kia jumped long jump for the first time (generally a triple jumper) and showed GREAT potential. She didn't properly land during any of her attempts and thus her numbers were extremely low. Taking into account her trajectory I honestly believe Kia could go 15-16 feet RIGHT NOW if she just learns how to land! This means she could be a BIG surprise as the season continues. Looking forward to seeing her compete again soon!

In girls triple jump we only jumped 3, but ALL set new Prs! The biggest PR of the night went to Kasy (video above). She jumped 35' and has showed immense growth in the past month since her first competition. She has always been one of the (physically) strongest jumpers on the team, but it seems as though things are really "coming together" for her this year. I think she's got a GREAT chance to break 36' feet this year! She now sits 7th all-time in school history.

The meet was an absolute success! The kids finally got the chance to compete in (fairly) warm weather and showed what they can do. We have two more meets this week (Thursday and Friday) and I cannot wait to see what happens! Watch for more meet updates later this week!

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