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Day 38 - Long and Triple Season Plans

Today was all about the landing (again). Something that has really impressed me this year is my athletes' bravery to land the proper way. Too often in the past athletes have allowed their fear of the "butt landing" to hold them back. This year though, the athletes have been working extremely hard at landing properly. Because of this though, a few athletes have landed rather "roughly" and that is something I want to avoid at all costs.

Today, we worked on the landing progression once again that we've worked on in the past. Step 1 - athletes perform a standing long jump and must "stick" the landing (like a gymnast) for 2 seconds. Step 2 - athletes perform the standing long jump again, stick the landing again, and fall straight down to their butts. When they fall down to their butts they need to kick their feet out forwards. Step 3 - The athletes perform the standing long jump, stick the landing, fall down to their butts, and kick their feet forward all in one combined motion (quickly).

The athletes have done very well with this drill, and are mostly VERY close to pulling of very accomplished landings. It's all about timing and rhythm and the kids have come a long way! Looking forward to seeing the results over the next couple of days.


9th and 10th grade meet at Waunakee High School. I love this meet! Younger kids that aren't used to the spotlight get to compete and show what they're made of. Really looking forward to it!

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