Long and Triple Season Plans - Update

As I've write my plans out in blog form it has become apparent to me that I need to change some plans moving forward (in 2019). Here are my thoughts about what I'll change for next year. If any of you reading this have any opinions or would like to work together on future plans please let me know!

1.) When my sprint coaches have plyometric/explosion days I should NOT hold long and triple practice. On those days I will work with ALL sprinters and focus on plyometric and/or multi-jump routines to help them become more explosive as a group. Jumpers need to be sprinters FIRST and foremost due to the great importance of speed in the jumps.

2.) I'm going to spend a great deal of time in the first month working on landings. The landings are something I've come to realize is the LARGEST factor holding my jumpers back. A collegiate coach (whom I highly respect) approached me this year and wanted to have a discussion about landings and how poor they are coming out of high school. He told me that he spends (roughly) 90 percent of the first few months with his jumpers fixing their poor landings. That conversation, and my general observations this season, have led me to believe more landing work (early in the season) is necessary in the overall development of my jumpers. I'll be changing my practice inventory quite a bit.

3.) Wickets need to be the MAIN focus with my triple jumpers to start next year. The hop phase is all about continuing proper sprint mechanics off the board in an outward (low trajectory) fashion. Learning how to sprint properly at the board is the best way to do this, and the wicket drill is the best sprint drill out there (in my opinion).

I'm going to blog about more observations as the season continues, but if you have any insights or general ideas about what you've read this year (or would like to collaborate moving forward) let me know.

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