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The Reviews are in! People are raving about Long and Triple!

Long and Triple was created in 2017 to help athletes and coaches passionate enough to search me out and find a way to get better. Since then, I've worked with countless coaches and athletes from around the world (mostly in the US). I have gotten some wonderful feedback and wanted to simply share some of my personal favorite emails with you. If you are interested in getting any video breakdowns or additional information please reach out to me anytime!


1.) A coach from northern WI sent this email just last night:


First meet jumping! It was awesome! Hot weather and windy....

(Athlete #1) won triple with 41'7 (PR).

(Athlete #2) went 31'8 in triple and won long jump, first time trying long, with 15'10.

(Athlete #3) won long at 20'8.

(Athlete #4), the freshman, went 15'6.

Lots of PR's tonight!

I want to thank you for helping us. I am more confident in what I am telling the athletes. The way they are adapting and fixing technique. I am so stoked with the improvement just with the landings alone. It is amazing!

Thank you!

Additional email from same coach:


Thanks again! I know your time is limited and very valuable. I was very pleased with how all the jumpers did last night. I give your selfless, sacrificial attitude and coaching the credit for getting this group of athletes where they are right now. Last night we had 3 girl long in the 15's (previous PR was 13'6 and 14'2). Let it also be an encouragement to you with the drills you have selected, as those that have been doing the drills with precision and consistency are getting rewards for their effort.


2.) An athlete from the UK named Morgan:


These are great thank you very much. I do agree my hop phase is holding me back slightly i think I need to get a little bit stronger to really benefit from it but got a few comps coming up so will work on extending that first phase. My elbow did end up hindering my jumps, they took 2 measurements and my elbow took the jump back by a few Cm each time.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this, I have been following your channel too its looking good! If you would like to make these videos public to help your channel and website I’m more than happy for you to do that now!

Many thanks, Morgan


3.) A coach from Nebraska:

Have to give you an update...

Our jumpers have been working so hard. Thank you for all your drills and tips!

Triple Jump the past week:

-(Athlete #1), freshman, PR at 36'9.5"

-(Athlete #2), senior (who hasn't been in track since middle school), PR 39'1"

-(Athlete # 3), freshman, PR 29'0"

Long Jump past week:

- (Athlete # 4), freshman, PR 14'10.5 (with quad injury)

-(Athlete #5), freshman, PR 17'10.5"

-(Athlete #6), senior (hasn't LJ for 2 years), PR 21'3.75"

I only have 5 triple jumpers and 9 long... TOTAL! We had 3 PRs this week and 3 last week in long, and 1 PR this week and 3 last week in triple. We have someone that PRs every week in jumps and they are scoring in several places each event for the team every meet!!! I am so excited to watch the freshman in the years to come. So wish (Athlete #2) had been in track the last 3 years... he is amazing. I anticipate (Athlete #6) will be going to state in 4 events including long jump.

We have had such a crappy schedule due to weather (9 snow days off of school so far!) Yet, these kids are working their tails off and competing great! Thanks for all your help!


I've had many others, bu these email really stood out to me. To hear that athletes are building on their previous knowledge and setting new PRs and want to partially credit Long and Triple is absolutely amazing. I'm not here to rip anyone off. I'm here to make athletes better, and these emails prove to me I'm doing something right - which makes it all worth it!!!

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