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2018 reflections and accomplishments

2018 was an amazing season filled with MANY accomplishments. Here's all that others (I helped) and I (the sun prairie track and field jumps team) experienced this year:

1. Kadon Kauppinen set a new long jump record for Sun Prairie! He was an integral part of our team this year and I couldn't think of a better person to break a nearly untouchable 42 year-old record than him!

2. Jada Schuh set a new long jump record for Sun Prairie. She was predominantly a triple jumper her entire career but tried long jump more this season with great success.

3. Numerous changes to Sun Prairie's all-time top ten records board:

- Tyler Precia now 2nd in triple jump

- Ashley O'Connell now 3rd in the long jump

- Kasy Walker-Daniels now 4th in triple jump

- Jada Schuh now 5th in triple jump

- Antonio Bliss-Perdue and Arrie Davis now tied for 8th in long jump

4. Owen Konopacki set a new Sun Prairie freshmen's record in the long jump.

5. Dom Landphier tied the Sun Prairie sophomore record in the long jump.

6. We had the highest average (top 4 jumpers) in both long and triple for both girls and guys this year. In the boys long jump we averaged an amazing 21'8"; and in the triple jump we averaged nearly 41'! In the girls long jump we averaged 16'7"; and in the girls triple jump we averaged 34'2". These averages weren't just a collection of a few athletes. These numbers include freshmen, sophomores, etc. If these numbers (and the individuals involved that didn't graduate) tell me anything it's that we're going to be a force once again next year!

7. We took 4 (FOUR!) athletes to state in the jumps this year. There were 2 long jumpers (Kadon Kauppinen and Jada Schuh) and 2 triple jumpers (Kasy Walker-Daniels and Tyler Precia). This is the most I've ever taken in my career and had an absolute blast watching them compete! It is a weekend I'll never forget!

8. Of those 4 jumpers 2 made finals (Kadon Kauppinen and Tyler Precia)! Kasy Walker-Daniels was close to making finals but missed it by 2 spots. She finished her year in the top half of the state qualifiers when she came in seeded nearly last.

9. Of those 2 finalists 1 made podium. Kadon Kauppinen took 5th overall! Tyler was EXTREMELY close to making the podium. He finished 7th (one spot out from podium - top 6).

10. I helped only a few schools this year, but the results were far better than I ever expected! One school I worked with broke their boys long jump record and took that athlete to the state meet in Nebraska. Another program I helped broke both their boys and girls long jump records, and their girls triple jump record. They took 2 athletes to the WIAA (Wisconsin) state track meet and one placed. All in all, that is 4 broken records, 3 state jumpers, and 1 podium beyond what we accomplished here in Sun Prairie this year!

11. An athlete I have consulted with a few times from the UK is mere inches from (hopefully) making the national team this year! He has been working his tail off, and has contacted me from time-t0-time in regards to his jumps and breakdowns. The majority of his accomplishments are to be credited to his determination and work ethic. If he makes the national team this year I will be OVERJOYED for him and will continue to help him in any (small) way I can.

The summation of these accomplishments are honestly hard to comprehend. The list is long/expansive and one I am extremely proud of. Helping others to reach their true potential is something I have always been very focused on, and I feel I did a good job in year-one of

This doesn't mean that I'm satisfied though. This doesn't mean that I am going to hang my hat on this one year and call it a success. I will be adding even more content over the summertime. I will be reaching out to coaches as often as it takes to build the knowledge and dedication needed to build programs into juggernauts.

If any of you reading this need/want help please don't hesitate to contact me today at!

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