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Day 4 - 2019

Today we had numerous focuses, but the big one was "testing". We tested numerous different athletic movements (some of them shown in the image above), and had a lot of athletes step up in a big way. A day like this is so eye opening, and really puts your season into perspective. It gives you not only guideline of where athletes should be placed to maximize potential, but also a chance to connect with every athlete on the team (which is normally impossible with a team as large as ours).

We used our Freelap timing system for the 40 yard dash times, a Just Jump mat for our vertical assessment, and a tape measure for our standing long jump. Both the Freelap system and the Just Jump mat are pricey, but very much worth it for a day like today (and beyond)!

Testing wasn't the only thing we did though. We also did mental strength training, a weight room session, and a "boot camp" where all athletes get a full-body workout that pushed them to the limit.

I couldn't be prouder of our athletes. In the first four days we've thrown a lot at them. They've taken it all in stride and haven't (yet) blinked. The young/new athletes are showing a great deal of maturity. I've been very impressed!


Tomorrow I will start to working on the triple jump with my athletes. I'm going to focus solely on the hop phase. After that, I am meeting with all of my jumpers to discuss program expectations, my website, and goals for the upcoming competition phase. If there is time, I am hoping to also begin working on starts - we'll see.

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