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Meet # 2 - In pictures

We are so lucky to have a parent take pictures at every one of our meets! Dan has done an amazing job over the years, and has been vital in not only helping me to put amazing pictures up on the site, but also to catch things I may have missed otherwise from a mechanical/technical standpoint. Here are a few of my favorites from our 2nd meet:

The first one is of a new triple jumper. For her first ever time performing the triple, I felt this step phase looked PHENOMENAL!

The second one is of my reflecting after some of the jumpers had completed their jumps. I often like to find time to myself at each meet to mentally catalog and assess everything we've done as a jumps team. During this time, I generally plan what the next steps will be for planning the week ahead. This is honestly critical, and something ALL coaches should do.

The third and fourth ones are of a young triple jumper that I feel has some great potential and upside! The third photo shows wonderful control in the first phase, and the fourth photo shows a near perfect entry into the sand from a technical standpoint. Very proud of this young man.

The last photo is of another triple jumper I feel has a lot of potential. The reason I chose this photo is that I feel it clearly demonstrates the why the chair landing drill is so incredibly important. I discuss this on my site quite a bit, but if you're unfamiliar to the drill here it is:

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