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Day 10 - 2019

Another AMAZING mental strength discussion from Coach Frank. We are SO LUCKY to have him!

Today was another X-factor day for our team. We worked on agility ladders, sprint mechanics on stairs, and ploymetrics (with various focuses).

My station was obviously the plyometrics, and we built upon what we've already done this season. The first X-factor of the year was a two-footed jump up to soft plyo boxes followed by a depth jump that was accompanied by an "athletic" landing. The second X-factor of the year was the same thing as the first, but the landing (after the depth jump) was much shorter and was followed by a rocket jump. Today (our third time doing X-factor this year) we did a standing long jump towards the soft plyo boxes with an athletic landing, and a two-footed jump up to the boxes.

Every X-factor day has a purpose and is connected to the previous focuses. Every thing that we've done so far is progressional in nature and is connected to the previous and following weeks. So far, we've really worked on upper body control and limiting over-rotation, landing properly to absorb the ground contact more efficiently/safely, and how to properly use arms and knees to aid in explosiveness. X-factor days have been AMAZING thus far this season, and I look for that to have a direct effect on how our athletes perform this season!

After X-factor was done, the boys and girls were split into two groups. The girls wen't with Coach Frank (picture above) and did some mental strength training. The boys went to the weight room and worked on our new training program that our strength and conditioning coach found this past summer.

I rarely get the opportunity to see either of these practice focuses because I'm generally working with my jumpers. So, I wanted to take advantage of my opportunity. I decided to go check out the mental strength training and many am I glad I did!

Coach Frank talked about so many great things that simply make sense when put into the proper perspective. He talked about preparing for a meet, general life decisions/actions/routines, how to keep a baseline on whether or not your're over training or not, etc. His talk was honestly inspiring, and is something I believe in wholeheartedly! Watching him discuss this passion (Psychology) with our athletes was sincerely wonderful! Bringing him on staff this year was a phenomenal decision that I feel will pay off HUGE during the later part of our season!


We will be focusing on recovery tomorrow. We will be doing stretching, rolling out, and RPR. As well, I will be working with some athletes on approaches so that they are ready for our first meet of the year on Saturday. I am VERY EXCITED about having the opportunity to coach a meet once again - can't wait to see the jumpers perform!

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