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Day 11 - 2019

Day 11 was a recovery day for those that compete tomorrow (Saturday), and a "lactate" day for those that are not competing. The recovery day was a reward for the hard work and dedication the athletes we've chosen to take to Whitewater, while the lactate workout is for helping those that we didn't choose get stronger and better adapted to competition.

For the recovery day another coach and I led an RPR session with our athletes. What's amazing is that for the first time it really seems as though they are "buying in" to RPR. They are focused, serious, and putting their trust in us. The one thing that I don't feel they've comprehended just yet is the true discomfort/pain that one must endure if they hope to truly reset themselves. When I was first reset it sincerely hurt. There were points where I wanted to "tap out" and couldn't stand the pain. I put my trust in the process because I truly wanted to see if RPR was legitimate. When I got off the table I was transformed, and the willingness to allow someone to put me through pain was the key.

When our kids do RPR they grimace, but they don't rub and/or press like they should be. It will take time, but the first step of getting them to trust has is complete! I couldn't be more excited and honored by this.