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Day 14 - 2019

Tonight was a speed day. Just like Monday, I was given a group during the sprint block to work on approaches. This time around it was the girls first, and they did GREAT! Their consistency and awareness of the board is coming along nicely and will undoubtedly serve them well in competitions.

There are a few athletes on the girls side that are starting to stick out as well! I have really taken notice of a few that are working hard and truly "in the zone" during practice. We graduated two extremely talented female athletes last year, and there are spots to be had. I am seeing some athletes realize this, and work harder because of it - which I LOVE!

After the girls' block, the boys got to work on approaches as well. They weren't as consistent, but I honestly think that is due to the increased speed they deal with while in the runway. It may take them a little longer than some to get the approaches down, but once they do they will FLY!

Yesterday something happened at practice that I'd like to put out there for some of you coaches and athletes to read. An athlete approached me questioning why he wasn't on the roster for this coming weekend's meet. I told him it was because I didn't feel he was ready. At that point he refused to listen to me and told my why the person I am taking in his place "shouldn't" go. At that point I