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Day 15 - 2019

Tonight was an X-factor day. A lot of really great explosive movements were used/tested.

I started off practice working with the triple jumpers. I had them perform the first phase with 70-80% speed over a banana hurdle and had them focus most of their attention on the non-jump leg and it's proper rotation. Once they started getting the hang of that we added the proper takeoff leg rotation. This was the first time they've done this kind of work at the pits, and they seemed to really enjoy it.

We still have a long way to go, but there were some great "wins" tonight! An athlete I've been trying to help with the proper non-jump leg rotation since last year did it numerous times tonight!!! We'll be focusing our attention on the takeoff leg rotation now moving forward - which I am very excited about!

After we completed our triple work, we moved on to our X-factor work.

For my station I had my first jump-related "contest" this season. The contest was a depth drop from an 18" box followed by a two-footed long jump. At first we had kids doing it on the track, but quickly realized (after a few slips) that we needed to perform the long jumps into the sand pit. Should have thought of this sooner, but you live and learn.