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Day 3 of Virtual Coaching - 3/18/20

I sincerely apologize that this post is a bit later than usual...

I created a video that I wanted to add to this posting, but the processing of that video took FOREVER.

During my wait, I finally decided to attempt downloading it to YouTube as a way to quicken the availability to it, and it worked!!!

The video below is all about how individuals are reacting to this situation. Some are being too lackadaisical in their approach, some are approaching all of this properly, and some are approaching it with too much intensity which could lead to a breakdown in ability in competition.

I also begin the brainstorming process of trying to give athletes the chance to compete in a worst-case scenario season where the state meet is cancelled.

Check it out:

Now, for today's practice plans.

Our team put together a practice plan that is much like our first day of practice. Athletes were asked to focus on sprint mechanics (Wall Marches/Sprints) and overall speed. They were asked to run 4x40's with 4 minute rest between. I told athletes that sprinting for 5-6 seconds in place would prove beneficial if they are unable to find an area for 40's.

I then asked that they perform walking long and/or triple jumps with some chair landing work.

All of these focuses together result in a full long and triple jump. I know it doesn't seem that way, and everything is so disjointed, but everything one would do (minus the physical pounding on the body) is done in this kind of workout.

It is very important during this time to replicate events in creative ways that will help athletes stay both physically and mentally prepped to compete when that time comes.

To finish our day, athletes were asked to use Train Heroic to continue their strength and conditioning.

I promise I will be quicker with my posting of tomorrow's focuses as I now know I can use YouTube instead of waiting on the other program (Screencastify) to process my video(s) properly.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out!

Coach Ewing

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