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Meet # 2!

We had our 2nd meet of the season on Saturday and I thought it went GREAT for the jumpers!

Last Saturday was a little nerve wracking for me because it was the first meet of the season and I was unsure the jumpers (triple jumpers especially) were ready. This week though, I felt very confident going in that they were ready and would perform well, and they didn't disappoint!

On the long jump side, all four jumpers did very well for themselves. Both boys set new personal bests which is all you can ask for as a coach! On the girls side, one of the two set a new personal best while the other jumped a personal best that was called a scratch. I know it can be extremely frustrating when an athlete scratches a "big one", but she simply needs to build upon her performance (the distance she jumped) and use it as momentum for the next time she jumps! I see the larger picture - I'm hoping she does as well!

On the triple jump side, all four jumpers also jumped VERY well! Of the two boys there was one new personal best set. The other jumper was only 4 inches from his personal best - and that is a HUGE win in my book! On the girls side, one of the two jumpers jumped from the wrong board