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Meet # 9

Just one of our HUGE number of PRs set last night!

Last night's meet was something to behold. Our kids really stepped up in a big way, and did some things that I've been waiting to see!

The night started out absolutely perfect weather wise, and I made sure to let them know how lucky they were. I told them to take advantage of the temperature. There have been seasons where we haven't gotten 70 degree weather until the postseason, and having it with three weeks left in our "regular season" was a gift! Let me just say, they didn't disappoint!

The night started off with girls long jump and guys triple jump.

In girl's long jump we had eleven season PRs (with eight of them being lifetime bests!). On top of that, a number of girls just missed their lifetime/season marks by a few inches and showed immense growth! The one issue I observed was approaches - kids weren't used to being as warm and loose as they were last night and that resulted in some missed boards/opportunities. This is completely normal, but extremely hard to address beforehand. Apart from that, the girls competed very well!

In boys triple jump we had four season PRs (with three of them being lifetime bests!). The guys jumped exceptionally well, and are setting themselves up for a successful run at the postseason. One jumper, who is fairly inexperienced, jumped from way behind his board and jumped a 38. When asked to, the person running the pit measured from his takeoff location and measured a 41. This kid could be a HUGE triple jumper when things are all said and done. So very glad he is only a junior. He had a lot of company though! The guys looked GREAT last night. I can't wait to see them jump again!!!

After those two events were completed, we had boys long jump and girls triple jump.

The boy long jumpers had eleven total season PRs (with eight of those being lifetime bests!). The jumped phenomenally! There are a few guys that are really starting to make a name for themselves, and have shown immense growth. My excitement level for this group of young men is off the charts heading into the final phase of our season!

What I LOVED about the boy long jumpers was the competitive drive I witnessed between teammates. Two in particular (Owen and Jacob) are always trying to best one another. This results in a drive and determination that can't be taught. They always try to outdo the other, and the results are incredibly impressive! The two of them are going to be forces of nature for the rest of their high school careers!

The girl triple athletes saw three our of the four jumpers set new season PRs (with one of them being a lifetime best!). They jumped exceptionally well, and are starting to put some things together! I was very happy with their efforts last night, and look forward to continuing that growth this week in our 2 other competitions!


All-in-all the jumpers performed admirably! They took advantage of great weather, stayed warm, had the proper intensity needed to compete, and jumped very solid technical jumps!

Here is where last night's meet gets interesting...

Looking over the roster of jumpers that competed we are only graduating 5 total athletes at season's end. Our team is going to be STACKED for the next 2-3 seasons with athletes that are doing some amazing things as freshmen and sophomores!

Be on notice surrounding schools...


We will be doing a station-style workout again tomorrow. Athletes are making HUGE gains, but still have much to perfect. I will be putting out a tape measure for athletes that struggled last night with approaches, a ramp to help athletes understand how to properly takeoff (arched ramps help to be taller at takeoff - if they are leaning backwards it changes everything and they jump extremely low numbers), triple jump banana hurdles, a chair for the chair landing, and old high jump mats to work on flight and landing.

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