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Practice - 4/23/2019

With all the meets and days off during spring break I honestly have no clue what "day" we're on. So, from here out I'll be simply putting the date of the actual practice I'm blogging about.

Today's practice was a recovery-focused one. We wanted all of our athletes to be given ample time to recover after our meet on Monday. For some, Monday was their fist competition in nearly two weeks because of spring break. Those kids severely needed recovery as their bodies are still (once again) acclimating to competitions.

We started the day with an RPR session. The athletes chose to do it outside, which we've never done before. It was great! The temperature was just right. The smells of spring were present. The kids were focused even though outdoor noises and music from a soccer game were part of the experience. It was fun!

After that, I got together all jumpers and had a jumps team "talk". Here's what I covered, and su