Thank you UW Track Club!

In February I started working with the UW Track Club as a volunteer coach for the jumpers.

I met with them as often as my scheduled allowed me to, but we only got in 6-7 total sessions during that time. What was amazing about the whole thing though, was their ability to take what I was teaching them and immediately put it into action.

These are athletes from all over the nation that were coached by different coaches with varying backgrounds and knowledge. I was worried that I was going to get push-back if/when I attempted to fix some things that they were doing wrong in their performances.

The ones that seemed truly dedicated to competing/jumping never once questioned me and took everything I told them and worked hard to do it. There were a few that didn't stick out the entire season, but for those that did, I am extremely proud of you, and want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the jumps.

They compete this weekend at Nationals - where I feel they will fare very well for themselves! Looking forward to the results!!!

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