One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching


To be up front this is for a one hour session with the owner and creator of our website - Coach Ewing.  Prior to the session we ask that you send us 2-3 visuals of past jumping so that we can determine what to focus on during your session.  This simply helps to utilize every minute properly instead of wasting anyone's precious time.  After the session is done, Coach Ewing will personally break down 2 videos from competitions that occur after the session.  We want to make sure you continue to grow instead of giving you one session and moving on.  Instructions for how to reach out, and what email address to use will be included in the digital download.

  • Additional Information

    If you would like to schedule more time beyond this (one) practice please let Coach Ewing know at the end of this session so he can schedule follow up times to continue training.

  • Time

    If the session goes beyond the (one) hour your paid for, Coach Ewing will not charge extra.  Our beliefs here at Long & Triple revolve around helping others - not focusing on selfish needs or money.

  • Athletes AND Coaches Welcome

    This is geared towards individual athletes, but if a coach would like to attend in an effort to learn more from Coach Ewing they are more than welcome to!

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