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 Warming Up &

 Cooling Down

Warming up properly is a big deal.  Athletes (especially younger ones) are so focused on their upcoming events that listening to music to "focus" takes priority.  Allowing athletes to make these kinds of decisions can lead to countless injuries and lost time.  As well, if an athlete doesn't warm up correctly, he/she will never truly reach their potential in their events.  


Below I have added the routine I created for my personal jumps program.  This routine has been many years in the making, and is continually being updated even now.  I highly recommend that you constantly update your/my routine often to adapt to the athlete's needs.


Always begin with dynamic movements/stretches as this best prepares the athlete's body for the explosive and dynamic movements they will experience while competing.  Many times I have seen individuals perform static (or stationary) stretching prior to competing.  I personally believe this is bad practice, and feel those kinds of movements should be kept for a cool down instead.

The routine below is set it up as a two-sided document.  The front has ways to warm up and cool down; and the back has ways to STAY warm and loose prior to competing (if stuck in line waiting to jump for instance).  Printing it horizontally will give your athlete a half-sheet that can be theirs to keep and use as the season progresses.