Warming Up & Cooling Down

DSC_0775 .jpg

Below I have added the routine I created for my personal jumps program and have used since 2019.  This routine has been many years in the making, and is continually being updated even now.  I highly recommend that you constantly update your/my routine often to adapt to the athlete's needs.


Always begin with dynamic movements/stretches as this best prepares the athlete's body for the explosive and dynamic movements they will experience while competing.  Many times I have seen individuals perform static (or stationary) stretching prior to competing.  I personally believe this is bad practice, and feel those kinds of movements should be kept for a cool down instead.

The routine below is set up as a two-sided document.  The front has ways to warm up and cool down; and the back has ways to STAY warm and loose prior to competing (if stuck in line waiting to jump for instance). 


Printing it horizontally will give your athlete a half-sheet that can be theirs to keep and use as the season progresses.