Websites & Literature 

Over the course of my career I have found a great deal of amazing resources!  I will give you the top sites/books that I refer to when looking to add more information to this site.

My Favorite Websites

Keinan Briggs has been one of my favorite coaches to follow over the past few years.  Without some of his blog/vlog work I would not have found the triple jump drills I now use in my program.  He is an extremely talented jumps coach that I truly believe you should follow!

This website has an insane amount of information spanning over numerous different sports.  When I first started coaching I spent a great deal of time pouring over this site to learn about both long and triple jump.  I highly recommend taking some time to look over the mass amount of information this site offers!

This one is pretty obvious, but I cannot praise YouTube enough for how great of a coaching tool it truly is!  I myself have spent an unimaginable number of hours searching through YouTube and amassing playlists of the best videos I've found to share with my athletes.  Training visually saves athletes' bodies and helps them to better understand the jumps - I highly recommend this approach!  Two of my favorite channels include Cameron Gary and the aforementioned Keinan Briggs - check them out!  Click here to be taken to my playlists

Nick Newman has an absolute wealth of knowledge; and is an accomplished horizontal jumps author.  His website has some great resources on it, and a blog that he occasionally updates.  His book, "The Horizontal Jumps - planning for long term development" is the best book I've ever read and refer back to it before every season I coach!  You can buy a copy for $25 on if interested.


Along with the book mentioned above, I have one other book that I refer to often, but is now out of print and is extremely difficult to find.  It is called "Peak when it counts" by William H. Freeman.  This book has an incredible amount of information, and is my number one planning tool to help athletes peak at the end of the season properly.  I've used this to create numerous different resources and truly feel as though this might be one of the best literary track-related resources I've ever read.

Additional Resource - Update 2019

I am in the process of writing my own book!  I am going to be hopefully selling it in the summer/fall of 2019.  If you have any questions or ideas you'd like me to put in the book please reach out at any time!