About Me

In 2007 I was hired by the Sun Prairie School District as an elementary educator.  A year later I was asked to become the jumps coach for our high school team although I knew nothing about the events.  The head coach saw something in me and took a chance, and my life was forever changed.  The sport is something I am extremely passionate about and have given a lot to.  Being able to not only coach athletes about the long and triple jump, but also about life is something I will never take for granted and feel very lucky to do each year.

I believe that the sport of track and field is the most amazing sport of all.  The opportunity for personalization and participation no matter who you are is unique and something that has drawn me to the sport.  This website was created with the intention of sharing the knowledge I have amassed with others that show an interest in the sport and want to help athletes maximize their potential.

On a personal note, I met my amazing wife and got married shortly after I began coaching.  I have two amazing step daughters that I couldn't be prouder of.  All that you see on this site, and all that I've done as a coach wouldn't have been possible with out my family's support - I feel extremely fortunate! 

I am so thankful for what life has given me.  I have had a great deal of help along the way and this site is my attempt to be that "help" to others.  If you have ANY questions whatsoever please use the contact form below to reach out - I'd love to hear from you!

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