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Coach Ewing

WISTCA (Wisconsin Track Coaches Association) Horizontal Jumps Event Chair.

Renowned mentor of coaches and athletes both domestically and internationally.

Has coached or mentored numerous school record holders.

Has (directly) coached over 13 state qualifiers in the long and triple jumps.

15-year coaching experience in the long and triple jumps.

3-time speaker at the annual WISTCA clinic.


In 2007 I was granted the opportunity to educate kindergartens for the Sun Prairie Area School District.  That year was a complete blur, but an invite to play morning basketball would forever change my life.  It was there that I befriended the head track and field coach.  I told him I was passionate about coaching basketball and admired him for leading a sports program.  A year later, he offered me a position on this staff although I knew NOTHING about the sport.

I was surprised at the offer but was promised that everything would "work out" so I gave it a shot.  Within days, I came to an unforeseen discovery - Track and field is a sport that can be done by anyone, and without the presence of a bench, athletes are given more opportunities to shine than in any other sport I'd been associated with!  I immediately fell in love with how much impact I could make in the lives of our many athletes and thus I became quite obsessed with my two events (Long and Triple).

Shortly after beginning my coaching career, I met my wife Tracey and her two daughters, Kaitlynn and Kelsey.  They supported my obsession and were there for me during every up and down.  Their support and love have been my rocks and I couldn't have done any of this without them!

In 2021 I left the Sun Prairie track and field program to work for another district and while in transition helped a neighboring program (Waterloo track and field) for a season.

The decision to teach in a different district and to become part of another coaching staff while in transition led me to a realization that has already greatly changed my life.  I will no longer be coaching for a school district in hopes of impacting as many athletes, programs, and coaches as possible here in Wisconsin (and one day hopefully beyond).

Stay tuned for even more updates as the chapters of my career are still being written!

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