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Living in a state like Wisconsin can make things extremely challenging!  There are seasons where we don't practice outside until the third or fourth week, and by that time a third of the season has passed.  Yikes!  Below you'll find ideas to help you and your team battle the elements and still hold meaningful jumps practices even without a runway and sandpit.

Option 1 - Use A High Jump Mat!

There are COUNTLESS drills you can do if you have a high jump mat and the necessary space.  I use a large number of indoor drills to start my season every year and do all I can to avoid jumping athletes until absolutely necessary.  I don't have a list of the various drills I use, but if you are looking for one please let me know!

Option 2 - The Pool

If you're lucky enough to have a pool on school premises (or close by) I highly recommend using it!  The pool gives athletes a natural resistance that is great for plyometric movements.  As well, the water's ability to soften the blow of repeated landings is absolutely perfect for jumpers!  Before moving on though, here are a few suggestions. 
1.) For most plyometrics you want to make sure your athletes are in the shallow end of the pool.  The deeper they go, the more likely they are to lose the proper form/explosiveness. 
2.) Make things as fun as possible!  Get creative!  Look at the picture above, for instance, athletes are jumping as high as they can to touch the tip of the pool noodles.  They LOVED this drill so much that we also had them jump over pool noodles that were held at waist height.  These are just two examples - there are endless (FUN) options!

Use A Gymnastics Location!

When I still coached in Sun Prairie, I would take my jumpers to a local gymnastics business to enjoy the many jumper-friendly resources they have.  This has been one of the most beneficial and fun experiences of my coaching career and the kids really enjoy it!  If you have the ability to use gymnastic-specific mats/materials on school grounds I highly recommend it!  Below are a few resources I have used to help my athletes make the most of their time when working out at a gymnastics location.

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