Youth Track


In my time coaching I have done various camps, have been the head coach of our city's youth track team, and have helped instruct as many athletes as possible during middle school meets.  My philosophy is to pass as much knowledge as I can to younger kids so they grow up understanding the jumps.  Only when you truly understand something can you experience great results!

Youth Track & Field Team

I have been the head coach for Sun Prairie's youth track and field team since 2013 and absolutely love bringing the sport of track to younger kids in our city.  In that time we have seen so many kids blossom into wonderful athletes; and the results have been evident on the high school track!  We've seen so many athletes make the transition from the youth team to the varsity team, and having athletes with more experience than past athletes has been absolutely wonderful!

Since I first began in 2008, our city has grown so much that we now have over 250 male and female athletes on our track team.  I accredit a small part of that to kids being exposed to this wonderful sport earlier than ever before.  I couldn't be more proud to be a youth head coach, and look forward to many more years of it!

Below you will find a link to my plans folder and various videos that show each of the many focuses of our practices.  Enjoy!

Season Plans

By clicking on the link below you will be redirected to our weekly plans for step-by-step instructions for things like our warm up routine, our drills, our approaches to gathering data, etc.  Check back regularly to see how our plans evolve during 2018.

To help with those plans, I've also created videos to help show how we teach each drill/focus.  Below you find an example that I created for my youth track kids to use when they've missed a practice.

YouTube Resources