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Creating a general conditioning routine for the masses is an exceptionally difficult thing to do.  Every athlete is different and thus has different strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc.  I attempted numerous times to create a plan for jumpers with each attempt falling short of my personal standards.  I wanted to offer a program that was backed by research and was done properly in terms of the order, intensity, etc.  After a great deal of time struggling with this concept, I decided my goals would be better met with some "outside help."

I reached out to a program in Sun Prairie, WI called "ESP" (Elite Sports Performance).  They specialize in athletic preparation, development, and injury prevention.  They have an amazingly qualified staff that has accomplished some wonderful things over the years.

Without skipping a beat, ESP offered to create a  program that I could provide on the site, and got to work on it immediately.  Their support of this goal and determination to support athletes absolutely blew me away!

The plan shouldn't be viewed as the "answer" for conditioning all athletes, but rather as a baseline to properly prepare athletes.  Creating a program for individual needs after performing a needs assessment is the only way to get a program that is tailored to individuals.  For that, you would need to reach out to a professional - Which I highly suggest being someone at ESP!

The general jumps program (with embedded instructional videos) can be found at the bottom of this page.

Kevyn & Brandon of ESP

ESP Director - Kevyn


Director of Performance - Brandon

Kevyn and Brandon are the heart and soul of ESP.  Their knowledge and dedication to athletes are absolute, and what they've accomplished is truly remarkable.  I couldn't be more confident in their abilities to develop jumpers!

Here's an example of why I am completely "sold" on ESP: An athlete's family reached out to me in the later months of 2021 inquiring about how to properly prepare their daughter for the upcoming track and field season.  After numerous conversations focused on what needs the athlete had I suggested that while working with me to develop her understanding of both long and triple she also gets involved with ESP.  A week later she was completing her initial assessment and had a plan in hand.

Here's how things have progressed only four weeks into her season:

Prior to this season, the athlete had a personal record in the long jump of 15'7" and had only jumped a handful of times.  In addition, she had a personal record of roughly 30' in the triple but had only performed the event at practice.

Now, after four meets, she has a personal best in the long jump of 16'11.5" and a personal best in the triple jump of 34'!  She has completely transformed and I credit not only the athlete's dedication and drive but also the work ESP and I accomplished together.  In my mind, the sky is the limit not only for this athlete but also for my future collaborations with ESP!

The Assessment

As any sports performance coach should, ESP uses an initial assessment to determine every athlete's needs.  During the assessment, they also ask questions to better understand the athlete, his/her goals, his/her past sports experiences, etc.  The comprehensive assessment is extremely impressive!

You Can Do The Assessment Anywhere!!!

ESP has been working on a way to reach as many athletes as possible by utilizing "virtual assessments" and programs that can be completed by athletes at their personal locations.  This means that athletes don't have to live near Sun Prairie, WI to get the help they might need to maximize their potential in the jumps!  Again, I highly suggest reaching out to ESP as soon as possible so you too can benefit from their amazing knowledge and drive!

A General Program For Jumpers

As stated above this is a "general" plan for jumpers but can be made more effective for individuals by reaching out to ESP.  The lifts, the progressions, the general setup, and planning were done with the long and triple jumps in mind.  Don't simply look over the plan and rush in headfirst.  Study it, get assessed by ESP, watch all of the provided videos to understand how to perform each lift/movement, plan out your weeks ahead of time to ensure you don't miss a workout, etc.  You are literally being handed a program for free that may cost hundreds elsewhere.  Thanks to ESP you have some great tools to show your potential.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY!

Additional Resources in "Long Jump & Triple Jump: From the Ground Up"

I trust ESP and the plan just provided explicitly!  The program is truly amazing and is something I highly recommend programs take a look at if trying to utilize the weight room more often.  In the book though, I provide even more support beyond what has already been provided.  I give the reader advice from other experts in the field of strength and conditioning, ways to potentially build in Triphasic training, and how to progress through a season properly.  Don't miss out!  Buy a copy today!

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