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Avoid Skipping This - Create a Routine!

A week ago I attended a meet where I saw a number of kids who looked completely lost as to how they properly prepare for their events.  Even the team I occasionally volunteer on looked as though they weren't sure of best practices and routines - which led me to create the document you'll find below.

It is meant to be used as a book.  Print as a two-sided document (flip on the long edge) and cut it in half horizontally.  This will create the "book" format and will give athletes a step-by-step routine to follow for every practice and/or meet.

I will be adding QR codes to this document so that athletes and coaches can utilize it when needing additional direction.  To see that version of this routine, please purchase my upcoming book.

Lastly, if you decide to use this with your team I ask that you leave the title that includes the site's name for additional exposure to the site.  I feel as though that is an acceptable request considering I am providing you with this resource for free...

Here are a few pictures of how I intend to present this resource to my jumpers:

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