Long Jump Flight

Too often athletes transition into the landing  without giving much thought on the flight phase.  I have been working hard to help athletes practice more patience in the air and I feel we have seen a great deal of success because of it.  Check out our drill(s) below.

Coaching Flight Can Be Difficult...

The flight phase isn't something you need to work on very often.  I focus greatly on helping athletes understand head/chest up, and to teach them to have patience in the air.  I generally call patience "freezing" in mid air.  If athletes understand how to properly "freeze" they will avoid unneeded actions or movements while in flight.  This will hopefully lead to be better (controlled) landings.  I have yet to get a video of this drill so here is a picture I hope will show how the drill works (see picture).

Along with this drill, teaching flight is as simple as having athletes perform short approach jumps often.  Doing this helps to build spatial awareness, body control, and general body habits while in air.