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Proper patience and timing must be practiced while in flight.  Many times, athletes transition to the landing too quickly when in flight and thus cut their jump short of further potential distance.  The need for athletes to learn comfort and attain confidence while in the air is extremely important!

Coaching Flight Can Be Difficult Should be a BIG Focus!

The image provided above was taken numerous years ago and illustrates athletes trying to hit the bungee overhead while keeping their body motionless.  The idea was to teach athletes to "freeze" midair for best control.  The buckets, the bars, and the bungees are something I still own, but very rarely use anymore.  The drill itself is still a good one, but I've come to learn a great deal more about the flight phase of the long jump.

In my book "Long Jump & Triple Jump: From the Ground Up" I  included an entire chapter dedicated to the flight and landing phases.  In that chapter, I provide in-depth breakdowns of the predominant flight techniques/styles, suggestions on which ones to use (and avoid), and how to best determine what your athletes' needs are.  For many years the flight has been unfortunately ignored - that needs to change.  My hope is that the resource in my book will greatly change this!

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