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The landing is extremely important and can single-handedly win or lose you a competition!  Every inch counts and performing this phase can be very difficult.  Don't overlook this aspect of training like so many others do!

The Most Transformative Landing Drill Around!

For many years, I thought the landing was the most difficult aspect of being a jumper.  The timing, the complexities, and the differences between each and every jump make this phase nearly impossible to predict.

After countless hours of research and reflection I have come to a different conclusion.  With proper training, this phase of the jumps is much easier to plan for than some may think.  This doesn't mean that athletes will consistenly land with flawless technique though!  It simply means that with the right training athletes can learn the mechanics of landing rather quickly.

The video shown depicts a drill I found on YouTube that was posted by a coach of the name Cameron Gary.  His insight into this phase is transcendent and has greatly assisted my every-evolving practice inventory.  

Again, as mentioned before, this is not the only drill I use but rather a foundational drill that is supported by other complimentary drills that help my athletes to develop in a progressive nature.  To see how I do this, please consider purchasing my book.

Click the link below to be redirected to Cameron Gary's YouTube channel for additional videos and resources focused on the landing.

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