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Long Jump and Triple Jump: From the Ground Up is now available on Amazon! The book includes over 100 videos, collaboration opportunities, and coaching support from 
youth track all the way through the collegiate years!  Add it to your collection today!  Click here to be redirected!
Benefit # 1 - Access to the Long & Triple Community Facebook Group
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When you pay the yearly register fee, you will be invited to join the private collaborative community group I created on Facebook.  The community will be a place for coaches from all around the world to connect and support one another by providing ideas, feedback, thought-provoking questions, etc.  If we are truly going to be at our best and provide the best instruction for our athletes to learn from, the community will be our #1 resource!

Benefit # 2 - Support in other events
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My future goals go way beyond assisting you with just the long and triple jumps.  As the book's success grows, and the community becomes more populated, I will be looking for other event specialists to become active mentors in supporting coaches that coach multiple event groups.  This will take some time to develop, but I want the community to truly be a one stop shop for ALL a track and field coach needs! 

Benefit # 4 - Access to ALL Google Drive resources

I have amassed and created a massive number of resources during my time coaching.  You will be given access to resources I created and/or found on the internet to best support any questions you may have.  In addition, I organized all resources to be accompanied by an informational video with all you'll need to know about that specific recourse.  My hope is to not only add more of my own resources, but to also add resources from other community members.  I aim for this Google Drive folder to the  largest, most informative, immersive resources out there.

Benefit # 5 - Two video breakdowns (for free) per year
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I absolutely love breaking down film!  The results I've seen from providing athletes with film breakdowns after a meet has been truly amazing!  I have come to believe that we (long and triple coaches) should be breaking down film just as regularly as other sports such as basketball and football do.  The ability to slow down film, provide commentary, and discuss future training goals/needs is a powerful tool we should all be doing.

* Due to how long video breakdowns take, and my weekly availability, I will only be doing 15 breakdowns weekly.  It will be a first come first serve basis and is a maximum of two per year for each individual member.  I hope to one day add more coaches to assist with this so that more can be completed weekly/yearly.

Benefit # 6 - The PRICE!
Payment Method

The yearly membership fee was strategically set at an affordable rate to ensure as many collaborators as possible!  I want this membership to be the absolute BEST online resource for coaches looking to grow, collaborate, and contribute.  For $30 a year (or $2.50 a month) you can be part of this one of a kind venture and will be given access to all the benefits listed above!