Pricing Plans

Long and Triple was created to help interested coaches and athletes.  These two jumps have given me so much and the least I can do is pass along that knowledge.  Now, with the publishing of my book I want to build upon those ambitions.  Please know that the pricing plans below are extremely reasonable, and were put together with a realistic outlook of your well-being. 


There are others out there charging a great deal more, and seem to only care about their bottom line (not yours).  For example, many personal trainers charge $40 an hour.  The virtual coaching package I put together unfortunately won't be in person, but it is a week's worth of work and direction - not one session.  Another example is the video breakdown amount.  Most coaches are charging double that at the bare minimum.  Lastly, if you have purchased my book the $15 annual update fee is one I feel is extremely cheap.  You'll receive yearly updates about what I've learned instead of needing to buy another edition in the future.  We will literally grow together!

  • Yearly Updates

    Every year
    Great way to stay up to date!
    • New Information
    • New Drills
    • New Videos
    • New Coaching Cues
    • Etc.
  • Video Breakdowns

    Great way to help athletes visually learn!
    Valid for one month
    • Need videos broken down? We're here to help!
  • Weekly Coaching

    Every week
    Athletes Only
    • 1 video breakdown a week
    • Assistance with training program
    • Unlimited assistance by email
    • One FaceTime session a week
  • Coaching Assistance

    Every month
    Coaches Only
    • Individualized planning
    • 5 emails a week
    • 2 video breakdowns a week
    • 1 FaceTime session a week