Long Jump Takeoff


The takeoff can be a difficult transition.  No other sport consistently asks for athletes to jump while running full speed, and thus many athletes experience a great deal of difficulties taking off properly.  Below I will go over how I teach my athletes to perform this phase of the long jump correctly.

One Of My All-Time Favorites!

The video shows my go-to drill to help my athletes understand the takeoff phase in the long jump.  This drill  (called toe, toe, toe, flat, flat or TTTFF) makes things extremely simple and can be used with almost any age level!  It can be done without boxes but I wanted to illustrate a clear "hip dip" as this video does very well.

Check out the video below and my practice inventory to learn more.

Complimentary Drills 

Although the drill above is my "go-to" for teaching athletes how to properly takeoff, I have other "complimentary drills" that I use to help engrain what I am teaching my athletes.  If I only had the one drill my athletes would become easily bored, and wouldn't translate the drill to real-life jumping situations due a lack of connections to both flight and landing.