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The takeoff can be an extremely difficult transition.  No other sport asks its athletes to jump while running full speed, and thus many athletes experience plenty of difficulties taking off properly.  Below I will go over one of the ways I teach my athletes to perform this phase of the long jump correctly.

One Of My All-Time Favorites!

This video shows one of my chosen drills to help athletes understand the takeoff phase in the long jump.  This drill makes things extremely simple and can be used with almost any age level.  It can be done without boxes but I wanted to illustrate a clear "hip dip" as this video does very well.

Check out the video and afterward head over to my 2018 practice inventory to get an idea of how I utilized this drill with other drills in a progressive manner to help develop my athletes.

Complimentary Drills 

Although the drill above is one of my all time favorites, there will always be a need for "complimentary drills."  This is but just one example of what you can add to a long jump program to assist with proper takeoff mechanics/posture.  I highly suggest you look into additional movements or purchase my book for a larger list of supportive/complimentary drills.

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