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The takeoff can be an extremely difficult transition.  No other sport asks its athletes to jump while running full speed, and thus many athletes experience plenty of difficulties taking off properly.  Below I will go over one of the ways I teach my athletes to perform this phase of the long jump correctly.

One Of My All-Time Favorites!

Providing athletes with a baseline assessment on their jumping ability is something I highly recommend.  Some are able to show a clear "hip dip" and explosiveness (like the athlete in the video).  This specific drill is now used as part of a flow chart I created in 2002 to not only assess athletes, but to help them find consistency at takeoff with not only dropping their hips, but also with proper execution of the desired mechanics.

In my book, "Long Jump & Triple Jump: From the Ground Up" I provide the aforementioned "flow chart" and how to properly progress an athlete along whether they are a natural jumper, or need more direction.  Pick a copy up today!

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