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Whether you’re a new or veteran coach, an athlete, or a parent, this book will provide you with all that you’ll need in route to maximizing potential.  It covers the approach, the takeoffs, the flight, and the landing with progressive drill protocols that have been proven to create the desired results time and time again.  With those protocols, you’ll also be provided with over 100 video representations to ensure a true understanding before implementing anything new into your individual situation.  Additionally, the book provides collaborative surveys at the end of most chapters to further support any comments or clarifying questions you may have.  With training suggestions and support from the youth level all the way through the collegiate years, there truly is no other resource out there that compares!  For further information, read what people are saying below!




8/10 stars

The videos were great. Especially the ones focused on younger athletes which I coach. Crazy the last one - the early hang and lack of knee drive - is exactly the issue one of my athletes is having so I got some great pointers just there! So the book has already paid for itself!

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10/10 Stars

By far my favorite chapter!

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10/10 Stars

Big Takeaways from the Chapter:

1. The focus for working with younger athletes.


2.The “why” behind preaching the multi-sport approach

Additional Reasons to Purchase This Book Today:
Book and Coffee at Home

The Only Edition

There will never be a 2nd edition!  Items that are present in the book will be updated (FOR FREE) in hopes of continual support of coaches, athletes, and parents.

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Knowledge Acquisition

I am driven to learn as much as I can to support others.  As I continue to acquire knowledge you will reap the benefits!



Over the years, I have been part of a massive number of success stories.  I will do everything I can for you to experience these successes as well!

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