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The practice inventory is my coaching identity.  Over the years I have spent countless hours researching best practices for coaching the jumps and this was the culminating result in 2018.  My most updated inventory looks a great deal different but still utilizes a great deal of the same drills/resources as you'll find in this specific inventory.  The most updated inventory will be included in my upcoming book!

  Please Read Before You Continue  

Last I checked this is the only free practice inventory on the internet dedicated to the long and triple jumps.  Before I simply hand you years of personal hard work, reflection, and dedicated time, I would like to ask that you follow the guidelines given.

First, this document belongs to me.  Please avoid taking credit for it.  

Second, for the sake of all athletes you coach please don't simply take what I've attached below and believe it will make your jumpers perform at a "new level".  These drills were handpicked because they work for my athletes and me.  What works for us though may not necessarily work for you.  You still need to put in the time and effort to give your athletes what they deserve.

Third, if you do use the ideas/progressions/drills that I mention give credit where credit is due.  I ask that you direct as many coaches as possible to this site so I can continue helping as many coaches/athletes as possible.

Let's Get To It!

This practice inventory idea was first introduced to me by another colleague who coaches pole vault - Joel Block.  He showed me his vault inventory and I immediately began to think of how I could use a resource like that to better organize/coach my athletes.  

A practice inventory is nothing new and is used by many coaches worldwide, but I truly felt as though I'd come up with something special when I first created this in 2018.  Each section of the inventory was done in progression format in hopes of communicating the importance of sequential coaching focuses.

As mentioned above, I have updated my inventory since this version, but the progressive nature and (most of) the beliefs are the same.  I have grown a great deal since 2018, and that is reflected in my newest inventory.

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