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Are You Ready For The Postseason?

As we near the end of the "regular season" in Wisconsin track I wanted to give a piece of advice - make sure you are gearing your kids to PEAK when it counts.

This should have been going on all season long as to prepare them for the "larger picture" physically, emotionally, etc.

The aforementioned "peaking" in many ways has already been prepared for properly or is simply not going to happen - depending on how you planned out and progressively coached this season.

One way that it most likely has not been done is in the intensity of YOU the coach.

Up to this point we have experienced the "general preparation", the "specific conditioning", and (most of) the "competition" phases. These phases are generally less emotionally intense as the athletes are simply learning how to compete as a jumper and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Now that the postseason is right around the corner though - you need to change your entire mindset. You need to become something new all together to lead your athletes into the heart of their most intense "battles" thus far this season.

Me - I don't try to but I have been told I look like a "caged lion" (laughing). I walk in circles. I have more purpose and strength to my words. I use my instruction to show intensity and the athletes respond.

Just this past Friday night I had a coach tell me he could "feel the energy coming off of me".

That's what I want!

I want all other coaches and athletes to feel the hunger and determination I have within me to put them on notice that one wrong step could spell D-O-O-M.

The postseason is all about intensity. It's all about bringing your best self every single moment possible. If others can feel your focus, energy, determination, etc. you are doing the right thing! Next thing you know, you'll be in their heads just by walking around and allowing that beast within to take over.

This isn't a loud "look at me" kind of intensity. It's a quiet one that waits for it's prey to show one sign of weakness before it pounces. It's a stalking of success - not a wildly-loud boast of confidence. If done right no one will question your ambitions.

The head coach on the team has always stated that each event area creates alternate versions of us as coaches. My jumpers inadvertently become somewhat like me during the season. The vaulters emulate Coach Block. The sprinters emulate Coach Maughan and Coach Boberg. You get where I'm going here.

If you become a coach driven by intensity and focus you're athletes will follow!

Good luck to everyone reading during the postseason - it's going to be fun!

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