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Day 17 - 2019

We started our day off with our team/individual photos. It took a long time due to how large our team is, but was a fun experience.

After we finished up our photos we had a quick meeting, and then went outside for a speed-focused day.

This time around I started with the guy jumpers and had a longer-than-usual block of time with them. We focused on approach work in both the long and triple jumps, and had a great deal of success!

At the beginning I split the groups up into two (long jumpers and triple jumpers). The long jumpers were approaching at their top speed and making sure their marks were on point. The triple jumpers started with running at their top speed, but then were told to attempt to find a speed that was roughly 70% of that speed. I also asked them to perform the hop phase into the sandpit at that speed to help them better understand how to perform the first phase at that speed.

You could see some light bulbs going off as they realized what jumping at a "controllable speed" meant. That is what the triple jump is all about - approaching at a controllable speed