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Meet Updates

Today's post is not just about the meets we had this past weekend - but the plans I have moving forward for the rest of the 2019 season.

First, let's touch upon the meets.

On Friday we went to Stoughton to compete in their Viking Invitational. The jumpers performed well!

In the long jump, all jumpers either jumped close to their personal bests or set new ones! I was very impressed with a freshman we have named Aiden - once he learns how to use his speed and strength together in the long (as well as land) he'll do some special things!

In the triple jump, two jumpers stood out - Nicole and Blake. Nicole tied her all-time personal best, and Blake shattered his previous best by a foot and a half. This was Blake's 2nd ever triple jump competition and he made finals! He jumped a finals jump of 39'6" without a proper landing. With a proper landing I estimate the jump would have been in the 41-42' range. Very impressive for a sophomore!!!

On Saturday we went to Arrowhead to compete in the Myrhum Invitational. This meet traditionally has some of the best competition in the state in attendance. We really LOVE competing there each year as it is a great way to prepare for our upcoming conference meet and for the postseason.

On the track, our team absolutely dominated. The boys won the 4x1 and the 4x2, took 3rd in the 4x8, and competed very well in the 4x4. The boys 4x1 team set a new school record by running a 42.98 - very impressive and extremely proud!

The girls won the 4x8 and took 5th in both the 4x1 and the 4x2. As well, a hurdler by the name of Brooke broke the school record in the 300m race by running a time of 45.89!

The track events went really well - the jumps (unfortunately) did not; but there were definitely some very bright spots!

In the long jump the girls jumped very well but were having board issues. To get into finals they would have had to jump better than 16'3" (which both are capable of doing). The board issues simply didn't make that possible...

The boy long jumpers competed well. The highlight of the meet though was Connor (a senior) jumping a 19'7" and setting a new personal best by almost a foot. He is such a great kid, and has worked so hard that seeing him PR like that was honestly amazing! Can't wait to see how his season plays out from here!

In the girls triple jump we only had one athlete compete - Landry. She has been battling some board inconsistencies in the past 2-3 weeks. It effected her again Saturday and she didn't jump her overall potential - which definitely happens! She scratched the best jump of her career on her first attempt, and simply didn't recover from there.

In the boys triple we jumped David and Malik. David is still figuring out the approach in the triple jump and has scratched some 40+' jumps. He scratched another monster, but still set a new personal best by jumping over 39'. Malik has never jumped before and simply wanted an opportunity. We had an open spot and wanted to see what he could do. He jumped in the 35's, but was landing way too early (as his upper body over rotated). If I had to guess, I think he's a 38+' jumper right now if he learns how to land.

All in all, here is the roster we jumped:

Morgan - freshman

Naomi - jumping this season for the first time

Jamel - injured and hasn't jumped much this year

Dom - injured and hasn't jumped much this year

Connor - senior (the one that set a new personal record by almost a foot)

Landry - sophomore

David - fairly inexperienced

Malik - never triple jumped before

When looking over that list it's obvious why Connor had the largest impact at the pits. He's the most experienced athlete. He has (most likely) the best "board awareness" of everyone. He's facing the end of his high school career - which means the he's motivated by something "more." Etc.

This group is superbly talented, and has much more to give than what was shown on Saturday. We'll see what happens moving forward.


Last year I decided to stop blogging during the championship phase of my season. I plan on doing that this year as well - and that phase starts today. So, this will be my last post until the state meet is concluded. I will post a reflection about the season and any specific plans I have moving forward, and will hopefully be able to give a book update as well.

Good luck everyone! I hope that your seasons end on the highest possible note! If you see me at the state competition please don't hesitate to say hello!

Good luck.

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