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This will never get old!

At the start of every season I hear from a large number of coaches, athletes, and even parents hoping to get support for the upcoming season. I always support in any way I can, but many times don't hear back from those that reached out once they've been provided with the information needed. When I do though, it makes this site, the hours of dedication, etc. worth it!

What's made this season a little different when compared to others is the inclusion of a "Yearly Membership" that includes numerous perks. One of those perks is additional access to not only me, but also to my Google Drive. I am ultimately hoping for the Yearly Membership to become the #1 HUB for long and triple jump support in the world (seriously). So, when I receive emails like you're about to see it hits hard (in a good way)!

Email # 1 - Thank you! - "I just wanted to say thanks! I am coaching TJ for the first time. The first few meets my girls were consistently at the bottom, but we have been getting better and better. Last night we took first, third, and two of my girls tied for 4th!"

Awesome, right?!?!?!

Email # 2 - Referencing the Yearly Membership and the Private Facebook group - I just wanted to say without blowing up fb that this i can already tell is a lifesaver. Everything is already clicking for me. I cant thank you enough!

And this was less than 24 hours of being a member! So cool!!!!!

I couldn't be happier with the positive effect this site and the Yearly Membership is having on coaches and athletes alike! I have a feeling this is going to be a very special season for the many athletes I've supported over the past 12 months, and the many more coaches and athletes that have gotten support on! SO EXCITED!!!!

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