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Virtual Coaching Day 2

Our 2nd day is all about conditioning the body and is called an "X-Factor" day.

Athletes are asked to work on walking and skipping A's and B's, "ankling" for foundational strength, agility drills, and bounding.

The bounding routine can be found below:

I called this a "modified bounding routine" because it needs to be modified to fit each individual situation. If you have room in a basement - great! If you have a large backyard - great! If all you have is a small carpeted area in your living room - great! Athletes need to make their own personal situation work. Everyone will have different setups at home and/or in their neighborhoods but there shouldn't be any excuses. They need to understand how to properly use their current situation to the best of their abilities so they best-prepare for the possibility of a continued season.

Beyond bounding and agility work, I asked my athletes to spend some time today watching video of jumps on YouTube. Working on the mental aspects of training right now are just as important as the physical side of training. Athletes will not be competing during this time, and need proper mental stimulation to mirror jumping situations and competition. The best way to do that (without meets) is to watch video and breakdown what others are doing well and what they need to work on. I've always stated that the better a jumper understands the jumps the better they'll potentially perform when competition time occurs.

Many of the videos on YouTube were posted by individuals that have no concept of what a "good jump" is. This makes looking for video to train somewhat difficult. This is why I have asked my athletes to use my website/YouTube-playlists to find videos I feel will best assist them in their mental preparation work.

Lastly, we asked kids to continue their physical strength-building work by doing today's Train Heroic routine.

Being creative with strength training is going to be a must during this time as many individuals will not have all of the suggested implements and training aides needed.

That's it for day two!

Again, if you have any questions please reach out as I am here to help!

Coach Ewing

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