4/1/20 - Speed Day

Hey everyone!

I sincerely apologize for not posting yesterday.

I had a great deal of professional responsibilities on my plate and simply didn't have the time/energy to post...

Yesterday was an X-Factor day. I had said in a previous post that I was going to look to potentially change the routine a bit to keep things "fresh". When researching I found an Twitter handle I think you should follow - @kyle_edwards32

I'll break it down a little more tomorrow, but wanted to make up for my "lost" post from yesterday.

Onto today...

Today is another speed day.

I sent out some ideas to spice things up a bit on Monday (for speed days). I highly recommend looking over that post if you haven't already.

The absence of speed over a great period of time is going to be detrimental to not only this season (if/when we get the green light to compete) so I highly recommend making sure to get time in sprinting each and ever speed day.

I personally went out to the street in front of my house today and do a full warm up, 4 (slightly up hill) 50 meter sprints, and a cool down. It was so freeing.

Not only did I enjoy sprinting, but the combination of fresh air and the ability to be outside was honestly amazing.

I'm generally a home body, but being cooped up in this house for the past two weeks has been extremely draining on my personal mental health. I walk nearly every day with my wife, but getting outside this morning on my own was something I truly needed.

If you haven't done your sprint workouts outside yet I HIGHLY recommend it.

Speaking of mental health...

I really want everyone reading this to push (themselves and others) to be at their best mentally during this time. Like I said earlier, I am starting to feel the effects. I'm starting to feel my positivity slip a little bit. I'm starting to feel run down and seem to have much less energy.

We need to fight this! We need to do all we can to not let the negative aspects of this consume us. We need to push back against this unnatural occurrence and do all that we can to not get lost in it.

Say positive statements aloud every day.

Visualize competing every day.

Read positive quotes every day (there's some great apps out there).

Call a friend and do everything you can to only talk about positive/fun focuses - no Coronavirus.

Be creative and let your imagination blossom during this time - creativity is a great way to combat boredom and sadness!

Do all you can to have fun and keep your psyche there as long as possible.

After my sprints this morning I'm going to do all I can today to keep that momentum going and to build up that positive energy once again.

Take care of yourselves!

Coach Ewing


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