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Day 10 of virtual coaching

Today is another speed day here in Sun Prairie.

Again, speed days are focused on running at top-percentages of speed over a short distance as a way to build fast-twitch muscle and general explosiveness.

Today's distance is 30 meters done six times with three minutes of active recovery between each rep.

I instructed my athletes to either run in place, run in a street with very little traffic, and/or at a park if able. The "running in place" option is something I feel can be obtained by anyone, but the other options are obviously more ideal - simply trying to advise everyone on how to use their surroundings properly.

Once that is completed athletes were told to perform the walking jumps drills to continue to work on proper movements, technique, and timing. I believe I've added that video before, but I'll add it again just to make sure:

On top of that, athletes need to work on the chair landing drill to continue building proper timing and mechanical movements. Here's the video for that:

As always, athletes were told to use our Train Heroic application to continue their conditioning efforts.

For those of you that don't have a specific training regimen please know that I have an "offseason workout plan" on that can be used during this time. It has great instructional videos as well to ensure everyone knows how to properly perform each movement/activity.

As always, please reach out with any questions!

- Coach Ewing

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