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Day 8 of Virtual Coaching - 3/23/20

Today I write with the knowledge that WI has chosen to put a "Stay at Home" order beginning tomorrow.

In my eyes, this hasn't changed anything. It makes things a little more definitive in regards to training, but if you've been doing it correctly (in my mind) you should have been doing most of training at home this past week.

I hope that everyone reading this understands how truly important it is to train on your own and/or with your immediate family. This issue won't lessen in it's intensity until we as a society decide to distance ourselves from one another.

Seeing individuals out congregating is truly disheartening at this point - don't make the same mistakes that many are. Give this time. Be patient. Trust in the process, and do your part to stop the spreading.

Ok - I'll stop now - On to today's continued plans for training at a distance.

Today, I told my jumpers to focus on sprints (mechanics and short distance speed work - flying 30's). I reminded them that speed is a HUGE necessity when it comes to the jumps.

Beyond that, I told them to continue working on the walking long/triple drill(s) and to practice the chair landing.

With that completed, I again asked my athletes to use our Train Heroic lifting routine to continue their strength and conditioning focuses.

With this new order for us to stay home, I suggested that my jumpers look up an Instagram account (gowthambalan_) to better understand how to be creative with their at-home workouts. The owner of that account is extremely talented at thinking of ways to work with everyday items at home, and as given me numerous ideas for my own workouts here at home. I strongly suggest you check him out!

Lastly, I wanted to communicate the importance of two different activities that could greatly assist with maintaining speed/strength during this time. Deadlifting 3-4 times weekly and jumping rope every day could be game-changing during this time. I recently heard about a couple that wanted to see how those two activities would affect speed over a six month period. They experienced amazing results and drastically reduced their 40 yard dash time!

I strongly suggest you look into these two activities but caution you to research proper technique in the deadlift (if you don't already know). There is a good visual of the proper technique under the training suggestions (offseason training) tab on

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!

Coach Ewing

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