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Lactic Acid Day

Hey everyone!

Today is a Lactic Acid day for my jumpers in Sun Prairie.

Lactic days are focused on replicating competition as much as possible to help the body to better acclimate to the effects of Lactic Acid on performance.

I gave an in-depth Lactic Acid breakdown last Friday for those of you interested.

Since last Friday, there have been some changes to my communities approach to COVID-19. No longer are athletes able to get onto a track and are highly encouraged to simply stay home.

Our Governor here in WI, gave a "Stat at Home" order that started Wednesday - this has greatly changed my thought process when it comes to Lactic days...

Now, instead of trying to get outside to mirror competition, I am instructing my athletes to perform another X-Factor day. This makes for two days in a row, but there is no better way to replicate a meet than plyometric movements and bounding!

Not having a pit can be extremely challenging during this time (or in general), but it isn't needed. Performing plyometric movements and working on drills such as the chair landing drill are all that is needed for a Lactic day.

I think we make things too difficult at times. Having a pit would be amazing, but in all reality, it isn't needed to mimic jumps as much as we think it is.

Plyos are all that is truly needed.

In addition to that, I researched various social media accounts I feel could be beneficial during this time (for any type of day - not just Lactic) and communicated the following message to my athletes:

"Follow @pierreseliteperformance on Instagram, @gowthambalan_ in Instagram, @nooch_13 (if you own some bands) on Instagram, joneselitetraining25 on Instagram (does live FREE workouts), and on YouTube for "restricted space" workouts."

I've preached creativity during this time and wanted to give some visuals of athletes and coaches doing just that.

I assume that many athletes are starting to experience the effects of helplessness and potentially depression. This is a vital time for coaches and athletes alike to fight through and keep positive thoughts and work habits. Watching others do workouts online will greatly assist with that process in my opinion!

That's all for today.

Tomorrow is recovery day so check back then to see what my athletes will be working on.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

- Coach Ewing

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