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Lactic Acid Training Day - COMPETE

Hey everyone!

Over the past two weeks I've had something different on Fridays as a way to keep things changing/evolving during Lactic days; but I've decided to change that moving forward.

Two weeks ago it was "go use the pit if you can", last week it was "do another X-Factor day", and today it's "start a competition with yourself and/or between friends."

Here's what I sent my athletes this morning:

"Today is a "Lactic Acid" day. As mentioned before this means we'd like you to attempt to replicate meet-like competition.

Today, I'd like to challenge you to begin an intense competition with yourself.

Over the course of the next 2-3 Friday's I'd like you to keep a log of some specific drills/movements and do your best to top the previous week's distances/times/etc.

Also, let's do this outside today! Get out and enjoy the beautiful morning before the rain comes later this afternoon/evening.

Get some fresh air, some vitamin D (sunshine), and let yourself feel a little bit of freedom.

Here are the competition actions I suggest:

1.) Standing Long Jump

2.) 3 Standing Long Jumps in a Row

3.) A 30m sprint (only need a little more than 90 feet to do) - eyeball it if you don't have a tape measure

4.) How many push ups can you do in a row?

5.) How high can you jump (vertical test)?

6.) How long will it take you to complete an agility course (make one up involving landmarks or objects (think obstacle course)?

You may not have a measuring tape to determine your distances, or someone to watch you with a stop watch, so get creative with how you'll keep track of each of these items.

Challenge a friend and communicate by phone what your times/distances were and try to outdo each other.

The biggest thing though... HAVE FUN WITH THIS! Enjoy yourself. Let those endorphins fly today. Smile. Laugh. Be you.

Recovery day tomorrow and Sunday - rest up for a new week of learning and competing next week.

Have a great day/weekend everyone."

The idea is simply to get back to being themselves as much as possible.

I'm unsure they've reached that point or not, but I personally have. For a few days there things were pretty "cloudy" here in my own personal life. Started focusing on the negative sides of this pandemic. Now though, I've take measures to make sure that doesn't happen and am starting to feel the positivity find it's way back into my life. Feeling like me again.

So, I want my athletes too as well (if they've experienced the same dread and sluggishness I have). I want them to have fun. I want them to feel the adrenaline of competition. I want them to call up a friend and ask what they did for their obstacle course and laugh while on the phone together.

This week it's been more about mental health than anything in my training suggestions and that continues today!

If anyone has any suggestions on things that could be added or how to modify the ones listed I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day today everyone!

Coach Ewing

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1 Comment

Kimberly Matthews
Kimberly Matthews
Apr 05, 2020

Hi! How are you communicating with your athletes? I’m looking for other ways to interact. I would like to give them something to look forward too or something to work toward. One of the other coaches on here mentioned a 30 day challenge or your lactic acid training day activities sound like something that would be fun. I just need a way the team can check in...just looking for ideas. I’ve been hosting Zoom meetings once a week just to check in with the athletes, not just talk track but to see how they are doing, talk with each other. Thanks

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